Thursday, January 26, 2012

triple threat

I love when the knowledge that I gained in class becomes relevant to my everyday experiences.  Yesterday, I set the lofty goal of touring three London museums: the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum, and the Victoria & Albert Museum.  While by no means did I see the entire collection, I did accomplish my goal.

At the Natural History Museum, I could not help but experience feelings of nostalgia as I wandered through the dinosaurs exhibit.  I know that, as I child, I would have enjoyed nothing more than gazing up at the fossilized remains and playing with the interactive exhibits.

As I made my way to the Science Museum, I found myself pleasantly surprised to discover art mingling within its walls.  Just last semester, I studied Kongo minkisi which are often associated with divination and medicine, and they seemed to fit in perfectly to the museum's exhibition of medical sciences throughout history.  Art is totally relevant to science.  

For the last stop, the Victoria & Albert Museum, I was slightly reluctant to go inside.  I was not doubtful that I would enjoy its collection.  Rather I was worried that I would love it so much that I would be disappointed if I do not in fact earn an internship here, for I am interviewing next week.  As I entered its' doors, I was certainly right about one thing: I absolutely love it there.  I love the V&A because it is a museum completely devoted to beautiful things.  And I love beautiful things.  While the National Gallery may house a a diverse collection of religious imagery, and the Tate Modern may hold some of the world's most controversial pieces, neither of these institutions can match the exquisite nature and splendour of the Victoria & Albert.  I only know one other thing for certain: I want that internship more than anything in the world.