Saturday, January 14, 2012

someone like me

With only 48 hours until my flight leaves for London, I can feel a slight twinge of anxiety creeping within me.  I am not nervous about flying - I have certainly done that enough in my life.  I am also surprisingly at ease with being so far from home for such a long time.  While Gainesville may actually be closer to home, it's remote locale makes it feel as if it were actually a world away.  London seems much easier to access.  Actually, I am quite anxious about making friends.  Most people would probably be shocked to hear that I am fearful about meeting my fellow program participants given my relentless talkative nature, but my better friends know that I take my friendships very seriously.  I just want to meet people that I really clique with and people that understand my sometimes quirky tendencies.  Four months is a long time to be alone after all.  I guess only time will tell...

For now, I will comfort myself with the thought that my peers are likely just as eager to meet like-minded people as well.