Monday, January 2, 2012

my new years' resolution

Today, at work, I was asked to consider my goals for the coming months.  You are going to London, my coworker exclaimed. What do you want to accomplish while you are there?  My initial response was that, in four months, I would be marrying Prince Harry while wearing a Stephen Jones' fascinator that would rival that of Kate Middleton. 
While I intended this comment to be partially serious, I realized later that I had yet to truly consider a response to this question.  What do I wish to accomplish in London?  I know that I will paint the city red - as I did in Paris two years ago - and I intend to travel to at least eight countries while I am abroad.  I also want to earn an internship at the Victoria & Albert Museum, the preeminent museum of art and design in the world.  On a more personal level, I hope to rekindle my passion for art history.  While this fire burned strongly within me following my summer in Paris, sitting in dark classrooms while staring at overhead projectors and working at stuffy, old-fashioned museums has slightly extinguished the flame.  I also wish to pursue another lifelong passion of mine - fashion.  I imagine that living in London will allow me to explore and express my own personal creativity more than living in a small college town ever could.  Still, I want to prove to myself that I am capable of such lofty independence that comes with exploring a new place.  

Looks like a busy four months.  

On a final note, while I may not become the next Grace Kelly by marrying Prince Harry, I do not think it unrealistic to meet a like-minded individual who shares my passions for travel, culture, and exploration.  

After all, what better than a relentless case of wanderlust to bring two people together?