Thursday, July 12, 2012

i will not lose

Last week, I entered into a contest with a Tico who I work with to see who could be tanner.  I am too competitive for my own good, and I knew that it may have been a lost cause.  But try, I did.  I traveled to Manuel Antonio and spent the weekend on the beach.
Playa Biesanz at Manuel Antonio National Park 

Competing (tanning) on the beach.
On judgement day, I actually was unable to see my competitor so I guess I will have to wait until a later time to keep my winning streak alive.  Let the games begin.

Monday, July 2, 2012


As I welcome the month of July, I cannot believe how quickly my time in Costa Rica has passed.  It seems funny that, well over a month ago, I arrived in San Jose wondering if I would be able to stay here the whole summer.  Now, I cannot imagine leaving.  Ever time I visit a new place, this country continues to amaze me with its' flooring beauty.

This past week, I left San Jose to return to the waters of the Pacific Coast.  I spent time in Jaco and at Playa Hermosa.  Staying with two surfers in the pursuit of waves, I began to appreciate their lifestyle.  They timed their days by the rising tide, and it was exciting to see where the hunt for surf would take us.  At one point, we even found ourselves journeying off road.  We flooded road prevented us from reaching the beach, but we did find some other things on the way.
We made our way down the coast until we finally ended at the base house in Uvita.  That evening, I also happily discovered that they were offering a yoga class which made me feel right at home.  I stayed at the base house for the weekend, but, on Saturday, the group ventured out on a catamaran ride to Cano Island and Parque Nacional Corcovado.  On the way, we spotted sea turtles and tropical white-spotted dolphins floating alongside our boat.  Cano Island is a protected reserve so we were unable to venture onto the island, but we were able to snorkel in the surrounding waters.

Afterwards, we climbed back on the boat and made our way to the Osa Peninsula.  When we arrived, I began to understand why people call this place the last truly untouched place in Costa Rica.

After having lunch near the beach, we hiked through Corcovado to reach a gorgeous waterfall.

The afternoon rainstorm that drenched us to the bone on the boat ride back put a small damper on the day, but the steaming mug of mint tea that welcomed me back to the base house seemed to make things better.  

I left to return to San Jose on Sunday, but I would definitely welcome the opportunity to return to this place again.  More than anything, I think that I needed a weekend like this one.  I am very grateful for the surfers who allowed me to leave behind my insane type-A personality and time-managed schedule so that I could sit back and, for the first time, truly say pura vida.