Monday, January 30, 2012

comme les francais

Today was a day of discovery.

In the morning, Casey and I set out for the quaint and untouristed borough of Marylebone to do some shopping at the quintessentially-British Selfridge's department store.  After some browsing and admiring Alexander McQueen scarves, we ventured down Marylebone High Street in search of other treasures.

After exploring for quite some time, we found ourselves in front of what can best be described as a market-coffeeshop-gourmet food store called La Fromagerie.
When we learned that they were in the midst of serving afternoon tea, we knew that we needed to claim a table to escape the bitter winter wind outside.  I told the server that I fancied herbal tea, and she immediately recommended a violet-infused blend from the Loire Valley of France.  When the pot arrived, I discovered that it was simply divine.
For some light noshing, Casey ordered a beautiful cheese plate, and I had a humongous organic Braeburn apple (locally-grown in Kent). 
Finishing up our meal, we both concluded that we would definitely be frequenting this place on many occasions during our time in London.  

Returning out to face the elements, we then made our way to the Wallace Collection, a museum in the area that is housed in the old mansion of Andrew Wallace.  I had heard whisperings of the grandeur of this establishment, but nothing could prepare me for what lies inside.  Upon walking up the staircase of the old home, one is greeted by a massive arrangement of Boucher paintings - my personal favourite.   The gallery also holds Fragonard's famous The Swing as well as Frans Hals' Laughing Cavalier.
For a lover of the French Rococo - as I certainly am - this place is an absolute dream.
Especially after today, Casey and I both agreed that we could certainly - one day - call this city home.