Thursday, May 17, 2012

moi je joue

Our second day in the Cote d'Azur called for rain so we decided to stay close to our base in Nice.  In the morning, we looked out the window to see cloudy skies so we decided to put on our layers and go for a walk in the old town.  Vieille Nice is famous for its' morning flower and produce market, and, when we glimpsed the stalls of vendors down the cobbled streets, it was easy to understand why.  Everywhere we looked, we could see beautiful rows of roses, tulips, marigolds, and daffodils.

I also admired the stands fully stocked with local French produce - a welcome change from the pizza, pasta, and gelato shops that decorated the streets of Rome.

After selecting some juicy grapefruit, we walked down to the water so that we could stroll alongside the ocean.  Even though the sky remained partially clouded-over, the water still glistened a beautiful turquoise colour. 
After enjoying our walk, Alexis and I found ourselves a bench where we could people-watch and soak up the pleasant breeze.  As we sat, the sun emerged high in the sky, and the clouds parted completely from our view.  We began to realize that there was certainly no chance of rain today after all.  Alexis and I glanced at each other, but we both knew that we were thinking the same thing.  Without a word, we bolted back to the hostel to grab our bathing suits, and we headed down to the beach.  

We felt like the luckiest girls in the world on this most perfect afternoon.

After spending some hours in the sun, we hiked up to the Parc du Chateau so that we could look out upon all of Nice.  We could not imagine a more beautiful way to watch the sun set.  

Afterwards, we returned home to begin planning our trip to Barcelona the next day.  As excited as I was, I was certainly disappointed to say au revoir to the Cote d'Azur.  I am positive that I will return though.  If I can not be Grace Kelly, I can at least be Brigitte Bardot.