Monday, February 27, 2012

out in gator country

When my alarm went off at 6:00am on Sunday morning, I must admit that my first inclination was to go immediately back to sleep.  Looking back, I am so very happy that I did not.

I arose early that morning to leave for a tour to Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, and Bath.  As I climbed aboard the bus just before 7:30, I knew that I certainly had a busy day ahead.  The first stop on our grand tour was Windsor Castle.  As we approached this historic site of monarchy, I saw the flag flying jubilantly overheard, and I quivered with excitement.  The queen was "home"!
As we wandered around the vicinity of the castle, I saw the long walk where royalty used to stroll leisurely on sunny days like this one. 

I also peered through the royal entrance where the members of the monarchy glide through in their horse-drawn carriages (or perhaps their Bentleys).  
One day it sure will be nice to live here - when I marry Prince Harry of course!

To take further advantage of this beautiful day, we walked along the Thames, stopping to admire some beautiful swans along the way.  
We completed the first stop on our tour by taking a quick walk through Eton College - where my boys will inevitably go one day.  Shall I put them on the waiting list now?
We then returned to the bus to make our way to the next stop: Stonehenge.  As our coach approached this circle of stones from a distance, I reflected fondly on my very first art history class.  Stonehenge must have been the fifth image in the text.
I enjoyed the audioguide, but the best part - honestly - was taking a neverending supply of pictures in front of this gathering of stones.

We returned to the coach once again to make our way to the final stop of the day: Bath, England.  We began with a tour through the ancient Roman baths.  Once again, I was excited to be able to apply my art history knowledge to this historic site.
I even tried some spa water that came directly from the source.
After exiting the baths, we proceeded on a walking tour of the town center.  I wandered past cute cafes...
 The house of Jane Austen...
 And the Royal Crescent - with some of the most expensive real estate outside of London.
I could not possibly have asked for a more perfect day.  I would very much like to thank our wonderful and knowledgeable tour guide William for providing us with all of his insight and expertise - also for his picture-taking and coffee break services!